The house, which now houses the Chüechlihus regional museum, was built around 1526 and is therefore the oldest largely original wooden building in the region.
With its steep roof, the protruding log brackets and the mighty façade structured by irregular rows of windows, the house is a solitaire in the typical house landscape of the upper Emmental, of whose origins very little is known.
Originally built as a merchant’s house in a prime market location, it housed various businesses on the first floor for centuries.
In the 19th century, a coffee bar was set up in the building, which served “Chüechli”, or fat-baked pastries, until 1956.
The building also housed the municipal clerk’s office, a youth hostel, the military, a reading circle and storage and market rooms until 1981, when the municipality of Langnau made the entire building available as a museum.
In spring 2009, the adjoining residential building from 1856 was restored and incorporated into the museum.
Today, the special atmosphere of this historic house fascinates visitors from all over the world.