Musical instruments

Around 1835, an Austrian journeyman brought a Viennese “accordion” to Langnau, which was reproduced in Johann Samuel Herrmann’s turner’s workshop. The first Swiss hand organ was born; the Langnauerli.

Another instrumental specialty of the region is the Emmental house zither, also known as the Hanottere. From the early 19th century until the First World War, it was the most widely used of all Swiss types of neck zither.
Several instrument makers from the 19th century are known by name, such as Johannes Bütler, Abraham Kauer, Peter Zaugg and the Wegmüller brothers.
Sound examples of Langnauerli and zithers can be experienced in our exhibition.
In addition to the Langnauerli and Hanottere, our small collection of musical instruments includes a showpiece: an Emmental house organ built by Christen Kammermann in 1831.
This instrument, like the table piano from Schubert’s time, is occasionally played at concerts.