White cooperage

The collection and exhibition at the Chüechlihus Regional Museum also (re-)present the rural world of the Emmental. This includes agriculture and alpine farming with cheese production and the cheese trade.
Dairy equipment has probably been made from local woods such as maple or spruce by white coopers since the beginning of the 19th century. The word “Weiss” also comes from the light-colored wood.
Before that, farmers and herdsmen made their own tools.
Traditional Weissküferei products include, among others: Milking bucket, butter churn, butter model, sour stand, brente, Gebse, milking stool, Schottenkübel (whey bucket) and the Tragreff.

The museum has an extensive collection of white cooperage equipment. Parts of it are on display in the “Bergkäserei” and “Weissküferei” rooms.