Old seeks new

The regional museum is collecting, join in!

The Regionalmuseum Chüechlihus in Langnau i.E. collects and preserves the cultural heritage of the Emmental. Over the years, hundreds of objects have accumulated that are either duplicated or incomplete. These include pitchforks and wooden kettles, but also men’s shirts, carts, suitcases and much more. The history of most of them is not documented. These objects are therefore eligible for deaccessioning.

We decide together with you what happens to the objects that do not remain in the museum.

As a public cultural institution, the Regionalmuseum Chüechlihus contributes to the responsible management of the region’s cultural heritage. As a regional exchange and meeting place, it is important to the museum in its daily work to build bridges: between its collection and the population, but also between the past and the present – as a basis for a shared future. The cultural assets that we can now release from the museum have been collected and preserved over many years. It belongs to the people of Emmental, as it comes from here and reflects the history of the region. For this reason, all Emmental residents have a say. They have a say in what happens to the objects.

You can take part at ENTSAMMELN.CH: vote, view, apply and collect!
There are regular public events. #AltSuchtNeu #DeakzessionWhaaaat? #LearningFromLangnau