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When museum objects find a language

The radio and exhibition format of the Chüechlihus Regional Museum and the regional radio station neo1

As part of KULTUR, WO Z REDE GIT, regional radio station neo1 and the Chüechlihus regional museum have invited five artists to take a closer look at the Emmental’s cultural heritage. Spoken word author Achim Parterre, author and journalist Benjamin Lauener, spoken word artist Jenn Unfug, author and storyteller Kim Schmid and slam poet and songwriter Pesche Heiniger were inspired by the Emmental contemporary witnesses at the Regionalmuseum Chüechlihus. They were each allocated five exhibition rooms. The authors have each selected one object or the entire room and written texts that open up new dimensions for the objects and rooms. Apart from a time limit, the writers were free in form and content. The lyrics were recorded in an intimate “recording session”.

“We all have our rough edges, and most of us have a wheel off, and that’s a good thing!”
Jenn Mischief

The result is wonderfully witty, funny and touching contributions. Including those in which the loom weaves the threads of life, the club jacket and ice skates dance together and the rose kitchen iron keeps the kitchen tidy. Or those in which Al Capone is resurrected in the Emmental, the butter churn and Milchmelchterli sing a chanson de résistance and the wooden soldiers’ paint slowly but surely peels off.

The literary contributions that have been guiding you through the Chüechlihus Regional Museum since November 2023 offer new, varied and different perspectives from the here and now on Emmental’s cultural heritage, both inside and outside the museum. The majority of the texts are in Swiss German, with a few contributions in German.

Since November 3, 2023 Experience a literary tour of the Chüechlihus Regional Museum
5.- CHF plus
plus museum admission (incl. headphones and booklet)
November 2, 2023, 17:30h Vernissage at the Regionalmuseum Chüechlihus, Langnau i.E. as a prelude to the “Langnauer Literatour”
Please reserve a free place via info@regionalmuseum-langnau.ch.

March 2023 – February 2024 A new report every two weeks on regional radio station neo 1

We hope you enjoy exploring the museum.

HERE you will find the contributions from March 2023.

About the authors

Achim Parterre , alias Michael Lampart, is a spoken word author who was born and grew up in Biel.
He now lives in Langnau im Emmental.
From 2010 to 2016, he was the author of the morning stories on Radio SRF 1 and founded the spoken word trio “Die Gebirgspoeten” (2007-2022) together with Matto Kämpf and Rolf Hermann.
We asked Achim because we had observed him discovering and inspecting historical objects and really wanted to know what the sparkle in his eyes meant.
Benjamin Lauener is an author, journalist and speaker.
He lives in Langnau in Emmental, where he was born and grew up and – according to Benjamin Lauener – also learned to write here.
For Benjamin Lauener, there is nothing better than good stories.
And that’s why we invited Benjamin: We are fascinated by the stories that emerge when his fresh gaze is directed not at a person or political processes, but at Emmental’s cultural heritage.

Spoken word artist Jenn Unfug writes, moderates and organizes.
Whether it’s a panel discussion or a spoken word event, Jenn is active both backstage and on stage.
Jenn lives in Winterthur and has been organizing the non-competitive “Nebeneinander Poetry Slam Show” there for over six years.
We asked Jenn because Jenn lets us look deep inside, Jenn touches us with personally poetic texts and we like the socially critical approach of Jenn’s texts.
Author and storyteller Kim Schmid was born and raised in the Bernese Oberland and now lives in Wingreis on Lake Biel.
She completed the Literary Writing course at the School of Applied Linguistics in 2022.
We invited Kim because we were immediately captivated by her energy and enthusiasm.
Her performances of the Emmental contemporary witnesses immediately took us into her own world of stories.
Pesche Heiniger is a slam poet, songwriter and columnist.
He was born, raised and – as he himself writes – grew up in the Emmental.
The Swiss Poetry Slam Champion in the Team 2022 category now lives in Frittenbach, in Langnau im Emmental.
We asked Pesche because he fascinates us with his wordplay and inspires us with his cheerfully daring and thought-provoking texts.


“KULTUR, WO Z REDE GIT. When museum objects find a language” is a project by the Chüechlihus regional museum and the regional radio station neo1.

Literary contributions
Achim Parterre
Benjamin Lauener
Jenn Unfug
Kim Schmid
Pesche Heiniger

Idea, concept, project management and exhibition
Carmen Simon, Regionalmuseum Chüechlihus

Recording management and radio production
Jüre Lehmann, Regionalradio neo1

Object texts
Bettina Haldenmann, Ruth Schüpbach-Minder and Carmen Simon, Chüechlihus Regional Museum

Philipp Amacher and Carmen Simon, Chüechlihus Regional Museum

Simon Kauer and Andrina Wasem, Tanner Druck AGWebsiteand social media
Jonas Jakob, Regionalradio neo1
Administration and events
Laura Schaffroth, Regional Museum Chüechlihus
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