The Emmental in one house

The Chüechlihus Regional Museum is one of the largest and most diverse regional museums with a cultural-historical collection in Switzerland.
As a place where Emmental cultural heritage is preserved and discussed, it is a lively cultural venue where Emmental locals and visitors meet and exchange ideas.
The regional museum is located in the heart of Langnau im Emmental, in the “Chüechlihus”, built in 1526.
It takes its name from the coffee house, which operated until 1956 and was famous for its “Chüechli” – fat-baked cookies.
The museum was founded in 1930 on the basis of the historical collection of the Langnau secondary school and the private collection of a head teacher.
Originally, two or three rooms of the building were allocated to the museum.
Thanks to private initiatives, the collection was expanded and its importance increased.
In 1961, the municipality of Langnau made more space available to the museum, and in 1981 the entire building was restored with a specially converted barn section and extended to 20 exhibition rooms.
In spring 2009, the museum was extended with the addition of a residential building.
Today, the regional museum offers young and old a lively insight into the cultural heritage of the Emmental, from the alpine cheese dairy to the “SCL Tigers” ice hockey club.
Immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of the oldest largely original wooden building in the region.
Experience the past and present of the Emmental: everyday life, trade and crafts.
Meet important personalities from the region and take part in discussions.
One of the largest and most important collections of Langnau ceramics as well as cooperage and Flüehliglas complete the offer.
The museum comprises a permanent exhibition with 25 exhibition rooms, a temporary exhibition on current topics, a museum store and a self-service café.
The small courtyard with its cottage garden, the large arbor and the museum foyer invite visitors to linger and offer space for aperitifs or concerts.
There are also special offers for children and young people.
Until the Schwaar Foundation was dissolved, regular exhibitions of paintings from its collection were shown.

Member of the Museum Association

The Chüechlihus Regional Museum is a member of the Swiss Museum Association VMS/AMS and a partner of ICOM Switzerland (International Council of Museums).
In our museum work we follow the ethical guidelines of ICOM, strive to comply with the current museum definition of ICOM and actively participate in the exchange and transfer of knowledge among museum professionals.