Langnau ceramics

Langnau i.E. is one of the most important pottery locations in the canton of Bern. From around 1720, the workshops of the Herrmann pottery set a first high point in rural craft culture for the economic elite of the region and far beyond. They were followed by other important ceramists. Adolf Gerber (1879-1951) is considered the innovator of the Langnau tradition of colorfully decorated earthenware with contemporary shapes and decorations. His son-in-law, Jakob Stucki, continued to run the workshop until 1982. There are still several potteries in Langnau and the surrounding area that produce ceramics in the traditional Langnau style.

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The collection of the Chüechlihus Regional Museum includes important pieces from the heyday of local and regional manufactories from the early 18th to the late 20th century. Among other things, the museum now has the largest collection of ceramics by Frieda Lauterburg in Switzerland, with 21 pieces.

The museum houses the largest exhibition of ceramics in the canton of Bern, including one of five famous wedding bowls.

Our collection can be viewed online at CERAMICA CH. The publication “Keramik aus Langnau – Die Geschichte der bedeutendsten Landhafnerei des Kantons Bern” by Andreas Heege and Andreas Kistler is available from the museum at a price of CHF 78.00.

Pictures: Andreas Heege, CERAMICA CH & Regionalmuseum Chüechlihus, Langnau i.E.